Selected talks

Here is a list of talks I’ve given. If you’d like, you can return to my homepage.

  1. National Labor and Management Conference, 2019. On the importance of collective memory to the labor movement.
  2. New York University, 2017. On receiving the Debra E. Bernhardt Labor Journalism Award from Labor Arts and the New York Labor History Association.
  3. Frostburg State University, 2015. Author reading; salon talk on John Coltrane.
  4. Northeastern Vermont Correctional Facility, 2013. On earning a diploma in prison.
  5. Vermont American Civil Liberties Union, Annual Meeting, 2012. On privacy rights.
  6. Institute of Noise Control Engineering, “Inter-Noise 2012.” On noise and social justice.
  7. Vermont Humanities Council lecture series, 2012. On the fallacy of a post-privacy age.
  8. University of Vermont, 2010. On the political meaning of noise.
  9. Colgate University, 2007. On climate change; on “organized religion”; author reading.
  10. Davis-Elkins College, 2006. On economic justice in the biblical tradition.
  11. Dartmouth Medical School, 2006. On midwifery and metaphor.
  12. Smith College, 2005. On the universal moral dilemmas revealed in teaching
  13. Duke University, 2004. On altruism and vocation.
  14. Boston University, 2004. On the ethics and character of a helper.
  15. Calvin College (Wiersma Memorial Lecture), 2003. On religion and writing.
  16. Franklin Central Supervisory Union, 2003. On literacy.
  17. Dartmouth College, 2002. On what teachers can learn from their students.
  18. University of the South at Sewanee, 2002. On vocational discernment.
  19. University of Vermont, 2002. On the importance of place.
  20. Warren Wilson College, 2001. On environmentalism as a resistance movement.
  21. Vermont Council of Teachers of English, 1999. On asking “Do we have to learn this?”
  22. Bangor Theological Seminary, 1995. On the tension between domesticity and service.
  23. Dartmouth College, 1990. On the teacher as “immigrant” to the professional class.
  24. Kenyon College, 1989. On several metaphors for a working life.

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